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Business jets


We are offering different aircrafts for charter flight.

Our fleet is categorized in 3 main groups:

  1. Foreign business jets
  2. Russian business jets
  3. Airliners
  1. The category “Foreign business jets” includes such aircraft as: Bae 125-700, Boeing 737 Business Jet, Challenger 600/601/604, Cessna III/Excel, Embraer Lagacy, Falcon 20/50/900/2012, Gulfstream 100/400, Learjet 60, Global Express, and Airbus 319CJ. These aircraft are characterized by the range (many of them are intercontinental), seat difference (from 5 till 49), luxury cabins and high service on board.

  2. The category “Russian jets” includes such jets as Yak 40/42, Ty 134/154, and IL 62. These aircraft are characterized by high cabin design, seat difference (from 5 till 49), conference halls, bedrooms and VIP service on board.

  3. The category “Airliners” includes the following liners: Yak 40/42, Ty 134/154, IL 82. These aircrafts are used to charter a large number of passengers (up to 200 passengers), where configuration is made for economy class. Some of these planes have class gradation (first and business class), which lets provide a range of service.
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July 1, 2011
Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport Posts 50 % Increase in Passenger Traffic

May 30, 2011
Gassy fruit forces airline alert

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