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Work scheme

1. Flight planning starts with your call, fax or e-mail to our company. Should you fax or mail us, our management team shall contact you ASAP. Should we receive your call, work starts immediately.

One of our Charter Sales managers shall answer all your questions regarding the flight arrangements, advise you on the type of aircraft, airport, service class and other parameters of the flight. From this moment on – this manager is your personal consultant for this order.

2. Next step is a technical stage, when our specialists find technical availability of the aircraft you need, work through the flight schedule Y route, quote the flight.

3. After confirming your booking, our charter sales manager helps you to prepare required travel documents (contract and others).

4. 24 hours before the flight you shall be provided with full information regarding the flight: its number, flight manager name, handling agent’s phone numbers, etc.

5. Our flight manager and/or charter sales manager shall meet you in the airport to escort you to the aircraft stairs.

6. Our ground support specialists make sure that all the take off preparations are made

7. During the flight arrangement, you can change its schedule, route and other parameters.

8. “Business Aviation” 24 our service follows the flight implementation and forwards all the required information to your trustee if needed.

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July 1, 2011
Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport Posts 50 % Increase in Passenger Traffic

May 30, 2011
Gassy fruit forces airline alert

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