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Yacht charter
 Yacht charter is a high quality exclusive service. “Business Aviation” has several partnerships with a number of leading yacht companies world wide. This way, you can book a yacht in any place on earth.
Types of yacht charter
“Bareboat” - sailing on a boat of 30 - 50 feet. You’ll need license to operate such a boat. The price range is from 2'000 up to 6'000 USD boat per week.
“Crewed” - sailing on a yacht of 50-70 feet with a crew. This type of yacht is completed with large cabins and individual WC and entertainment units on board. Crewed yacht charter is priced from 3'000 up to 10'000 USD yacht per week.
“Luxury” - five star yachts of 80 - 120 feet long. Such a boat is equipped with powerful engine, sails with automatic controls, sauna and pool. This yacht charter shall cost you minimum of 15'000 USD per week.
Types of yacht
Sailed yachts differ by their sizes, shape and sailing equipment. The best option is 40 - 50 feet long yacht with 3 - 4 double cabins, equipped with diesel engine and sails with twist system. It is easy to manage, so you do not need a big crew - enough to get a skipper, diving instructor and steward, who’d help you on board and cook for you.
Motor yacht do not have sails, but a powerful engine and able to reach up to 40 knots per hour. Mostly, this type is used for point to point sailing, rather than a settle cruise.
Catamaran is a two bodied, extra stable fast yacht. It is almost rocking free and you won’t be sea sick. As to the class type, Catamaran is equal to a five star hotel. 4 double rooms and a dining room come up to 40 squared meters. This boat speeds up to 12 knots per hour.
Gulet - wide two sailed wooden boat. Gulet has up to 40 cabins and normally sails across the shore, on the diesel engine, whereas its sails are more of entourage thing. Mostly, this yacht is popular in Turkey.
Yacht charter
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